Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide a comprehensive early childhood education program that meets the individual needs and interests of each child from their physical growth to their cognitive development. We believe in creating a strong foundation of respect, kindness, and empathy where each school-age children can reach their full potential. We strive to create a supportive environment and enriching learning experience where all children are valued, respected, and celebrated.”

Communication and Language

Communication and language development are two of our most important aims, and opportunities for children to improve their skills are essential as they are the basis for all learning.By providing a language rich environment children are encouraged to develop communication and language skills. In Preschool, we always have time to talk with the children, and most important of all, to listen to them. The children are encouraged through activities to talk and listen to each other and adults in a variety of situations.

Our Goals and Objectives

The Preschool Place and Kindergarten has a comprehensive approach to educating and enriching the whole child. Our preschool curriculum is play based because play is the most appropriate mode for a young child’s learning. With our experienced and highly qualified teachers enable each child to reach his or her highest potential by supporting children wherever they are on their own learning path and timeline. Our low child-to-teacher ratios and small class sizes enables our teachers to:
  • Spend quality teaching time with each child.
  • Develop close child-teacher bonds of affection, trust and respect.
  • Assess each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and work to achieve the best learning outcomes for each child.
  • Work with children in small groups.
  • Our goal is to build skills that set children up for success in kindergarten and beyond.